Jul 182009
Getting Baked with CakePHP: Notes on Black River Ghosts

For the past year or so I’ve been working on a new media poem called Black River Ghosts.  While the work is nowhere near ready to be presented to the public, I’ve been using some of its functionality on the social networks, and in a few spots these test cases/previews have been actually garnering praise. [...]

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May 052009
Interactivity and New Media Literature

Edward Picot brings up some interesting points in his latest essay Play on Meaning? Computer Games as Art up on both furtherfield.org and the Hyperliterature Exchange.  I’m most struck by this passage: The insistence on interactivity as an important element of hyperliterature – and on computerised role-playing games as a paradigm of interactive art – [...]

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Apr 222009

John Resig: “The DOM Is a Mess” @ Yahoo! Video Over the last two years, I, along with many another developer, have developed a bit of a man-crush on John Resig, the primary creator of the jQuery Javascript Library. jQuery has taken a lot of the pain out of writing cross-browser javascript, and replaced it [...]

Apr 082009

Reading the Lankavatara Sutra, I come upon this: There are four kinds of word discrimination, all of which are to be avoided because they are alike unreal. First there are the words indicating individual marks which rise from discriminating forms and signs as being real in themselves and, then, becoming attached to them. There are [...]

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