Jun 302013

Socialist Alternative – Is people power stronger than the NSA?. “Since the exhilarating Arab spring, Egyptian activists have often spurned the claim that social media powered their revolution. It came from grassroots organising, mass action and good old fashioned class struggle, they insist. Similarly, they shrug off arguments that secret police can stop a revolution. [...]

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Sep 092012

Mashable! via Apple Patent Would Disable Smartphones by Location [VIDEO]. Imagine if this had been available during the Arab Spring. And, of course, the movie industry will probably back it. Stop those pesky bootleggers in their tracks. Working as a technologist, one of my biggest fears about today’s increasingly connected world is centralization of control. [...]

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Sep 072012

Manifesto | The Dark Mountain Project. “This response we call Uncivilised art, and we are interested in one branch of it in particular: Uncivilised writing. Uncivilised writing is writing which attempts to stand outside the human bubble and see us as we are: highly evolved apes with an array of talents and abilities which we [...]

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