Sep 092012


via Apple Patent Would Disable Smartphones by Location [VIDEO].

Imagine if this had been available during the Arab Spring.

And, of course, the movie industry will probably back it. Stop those pesky bootleggers in their tracks.

Working as a technologist, one of my biggest fears about today’s increasingly connected world is centralization of control. That includes vendor/platform hegemony, the creaky and corporate-owned infrastructure of the internet itself…and now this.

There’s a delicate dance between standardization and centralization of power. It’s a knot of complex issues, and anyone who tries to sell you black-and-white  visions of the role of technology in our lives is naive. “Technology” will not save our grasslands, or stop the arctic ice from melting. And, with this, coming from Apple (who aren’t exactly on my list of companies trying to make the world a better place)…let’s just say I won’t be buying any Apple products anytime soon.

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