Sep 282014

Five songs composed, performed, improvised and produced in the last two or three days. Light stringy improvisations and joyful jungle lounge beats. Synthesizers. Lots and lots of synthesizer… Google+

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Jun 072014

Arrow Still in triptych mode, though it’s getting dicier. This one features a more organic percussion, no drum programming. Has a lot of nice contrasts Harvest This is the beginning I think of me experimenting with simply getting down snippets of music and connecting them with one another. It’s got some funk to it. Google+

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May 252014

The word “geek” has undergone a transformation in the last decade from juvenile pejorative to acceptance as a mainstream-recognized counter-culture. As such, it’s more and more become a marketing term–there are television series for geeks (Big Bang Theory), a plethora of blogs devoted to geek culture, geek-themed products, even a geek cookbook. Google+

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Jun 302013

Socialist Alternative – Is people power stronger than the NSA?. “Since the exhilarating Arab spring, Egyptian activists have often spurned the claim that social media powered their revolution. It came from grassroots organising, mass action and good old fashioned class struggle, they insist. Similarly, they shrug off arguments that secret police can stop a revolution. [...]

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